Shooting Star Cast 070: Shooting Star Cast 070

| Sam’s Chevy Spark is No Bueno with Uber | Jack’s WWE Slam Crate Opening | 205 Live to Debut on WWE Network…and Jack Officially Retires from RAW | Buy Your Dixie Figures While You Can | Roman Reigns is Superman | Jack No Longer Wants to Broadcast for WWE | Enzo & Cass lose to the Club Sandwich | Trick or Street Fight | Rollins vs Owens | TJ Perkins Will Inevitably Fuck Something Up | Women’s HiaC | Survivor Series Thoughts | A “Gorillion” | God The Headbangers Fuckin’ Suck | Why Do They Give a Guy WEEKS of Vignettes? | Jack’s Exhausted by Ambrose/Styles | Ellsworth has officially Jumped the Shark | Jack had a Twitter Allllllll Alonggggggg |