Shooting Star Cast 070: Shooting Star Cast 070

| Sam’s Chevy Spark is No Bueno with Uber | Jack’s WWE Slam Crate Opening | 205 Live to Debut on WWE Network…and Jack Officially Retires from RAW | Buy Your Dixie Figures While You Can | Roman Reigns is Superman | Jack No Longer Wants to Broadcast for WWE | Enzo & Cass lose to the Club Sandwich | Trick or Street Fight | Rollins vs Owens | TJ Perkins Will Inevitably Fuck Something Up | Women’s HiaC | Survivor Series Thoughts | A “Gorillion” | God The Headbangers Fuckin’ Suck | Why Do They Give a Guy WEEKS of Vignettes? | Jack’s Exhausted by Ambrose/Styles | Ellsworth has officially Jumped the Shark | Jack had a Twitter Allllllll Alonggggggg |

Shooting Star Cast 069: Rolled Up For A Distraction Finish


| Pokemon the First Movie | WWE Slam Crate Cutoff Date | Talking…Smack… | The Continuing Saga of TNA’s Pants Being Sued Off | Crazy Bitches…and Paige | Jack’s Debacle with On-Demand Wrestling | Itami’s Injury | Dusty Rhodes Classic Round One | Jericho’s Best Run? | FACEBOOK LIVE DURINGA FUCKING WRESTLING MATCH!?!?! | Kendrick’s Heel Work | Jack Completely Loses His Shit Over Survivor Series | Goldberg’s Return | Nikki Wears “the Pants” | Heath Slater is O-V-E-R | Ridiculous Booking of WWE World Championship | Watch Alien |

Shooting Star Cast 068: Raw Was So Bad Jack Fell Asleep


|Our Rainy Weekends | Paige Does More Drugs | Broken Matt DELETING TNA | Jack and Sam Debate All Things Hell in a Cell | Cellphones | Thoughts on Goldberg vs. Lesnar II | Ellsworth on SmackDown! | Slater/Rhyno and Swagger Upsets at No Mercy | IC Title’s Funeral | Where’s Kane? |

Shooting Star Cast 067: Under the Knife


| STABBINGS! | MORE STABBINGS!…OR NOT! | Halle Barry Rides Space Mountain | Rowan Injury | Goldberg’s Return | Speculation on TNA Tape Library | Sam Finally Watches a 3 Hour Raw | Continued Improvement of the Cruiserweight Division | Brian Kendrick, Ring General | That 70’s Commentary | Who’s More Over Than Roman? | No Mercy Predictions |CZW Tangled Web 9 |

Shooting Star Cast 066: Jack Jobbed Out On This Episode Title

kwwdrvbps2bjysegsuhpwmdinnexosocphqj0qch| NoVa Drivers Are Terrible | The Ascension Wins A Match…Kind Of | New Wrestling Regulations In New York State | Bottom-Of-The-Barrel-Heat | Ryback Targets Bellator | McDoubles And Bound For Glory | Raw’s Awful Rating Plays Into WWE’s Master Plan | Miz’s Manservant | Cruiserweight Division Week 2 | Good Diva Promos | Jack Hates Carmella | Bad Count-Out Booking | Rusev Gets No Love | Usos and American Alpha | Cena Steals The Limelight | Phoenix Down | SWO |

Shooting Star Cast 065: Comedy and Tragedy

Jack and Sam are finally back (for real this time). We preview Clash of Champions, berate Tommy Dreamer’s poor understanding of the English language, and more. Jack shows a lack of self control, per the usual.20160921_162721

Shooting Star Cast 064 – Back on the Bandwagon

Join us as we get back in the swing of things and hop back on the Bandwagon of our own stuff, oh yeah and some other folks are back on the wagon too. ┬áHear about them, the sad news of Mr. Fuji, some thoughts on this week’s Raw, and we cover Backlash 2016 and the SD go home show.